Anti-Dumping Clause / Trade Expansion Act

In the event that the President of the United States of America, as a result of the US Department of Commerce recommendations: (i) imposes new steel and/or aluminum imports tariffs; (ii) increases existing steel and/or aluminum imports tariffs; (iii) imposes new quota on steel and/or aluminum products or (iv) increases existing quotas on steel and/or aluminum products, or in the event of any other trade sanctions or restriction such as anti-dumping, countervailing duties, Section 201,301, etc. and in the event that such legal action may restrict shipment or cause price changes affecting the products directly or indirectly quoted hereunder or to be supplied under Agreement, Hackney Ladish reserves the right at its option to renegotiate the price offered or withdraw from the Agreement at no additional cost. In case Hackney Ladish elects to renegotiate the price, Hackney Ladish will have the right to pass through any margins/tariffs levied on products to the customer in full. In case Hackney Ladish elects to terminate the Agreement, the customer will not be entitled to any lost profit, lost revenue, lost business opportunity, or any incidental, indirect, economic, consequential, or other damages. The change in price will stay in effect as long as said tariffs are in place.